AREA 419 – ARCA LOCK Clamp and Barricade Kit for Harris -zetaw do bipodu Harris.


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Składa się z: 1 ArcaLock Barricade stop, 1 Arcaloc spigot extention, 1 ArcaLock camp kit ( czyli przejściówka do bipodu Harris i zacisk ArcaLock).


Now you can use our barricade stop with your Harris Bipod. Due to the design of the spring mechanism on a Harris, it was not previously possible to stack our barricade stop between the ARCA clamp and bipod adapter.

Now with this plate and adapter, it moves your bipod forward about 1.25″ so the barricade clears the springs and allows it to fit the ARMS-17s mount.

This also gives you some extra cantilever length to your bipod to get it out as far as possible.


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